Your host is Eric Bischoff.

The Following annoucement has been paid for by the New World Order and the tape begins. Bagwell runs down with the nWo is about and how it's about for life and
ruling the wrestling world.

Clips from Bash at The Beach 1996 complete with Michael Buffer intro's unlike the WWE edited DVD nWo DVD. Clups of the epic match are started. Overall the match is
nothing special as it's reviewed entirely in the nWo Back in Black DVD review. Ever notice clip jobs sometimes match matches look better for one reason or another?
This really is one of those cases, however the story that this match created was one of the best in wrestling history. As you SHOULD freaken know, Hogan then comes out at
the end of this match and hits several thousand leg drops on Savage and betrays WCW. The epic heel turn Hogan promo is also showed in a clip.

Nash says he and Hall we're treated poorly in WCW before. Bischoff says the nWo grew in size and power. Clips of Hogan talking about the nWo being
worldwide and international. Bagwell makes a stupid mistake of saying Hogan made wrestling and that he's the reason for all professional wrestlers. I don't know if he was sucking
Hogan's dick at the time, or if he was in character. Scott Steiner says Hogan will be the one of the greatest wrestler of all time as well. Bagwell says Nash made all up all the cool
ideas to match the nWo catchy. Well.....that doesn't surprise me.

Bagwell says Scott Hall is the best wrestler in the World today. YES~!!!!! Maybe the smartest thing he's ever done excluding getting fired from the WWF.
Buff Daddy then contradicts himself from say a minute ago and says Bischoff is the mastermind behind the nWo. So Flexy Lexy gets some tape time and states
how Bischoff wanted to be one of the boys and had a great office. Steiner says Bischoff is one of the greatest promotors in wrestling history. I may agree at sometimes.

nWo Sold Out PPV hype video is shown with Eric Bischoff. So somehow we go from that to Hogan stroking his ego talking about making wrestling.
You know when Hogan has to do a promo in character on video that's pretty bad. Bischoff fastwards some how to Uncensored 97. Where clips of
Roddy Piper, Chris Benoit, Steve McMichael & Jeff Jarrett v. Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash v. Lex Luger, The Giant & Scott Steiner.
God damn that was lot of names. It's crazy seeing Jeff Jarrett with long hair and The Giant in shape.

Fast Forward to the nWo feuding with the Four Horsemen. Clips of the infamous Horsemen parody and then Fall Brawl 97. Pretty fun WarGames
match between the Kevin Nash, Syxx, Konnan, & Buff Bagwell vs Chris Benoit, Ric Flair, Steve McMichael, & Curt Hennig. This of course marks
when Henning slams the cage door on Flair's head and turns on him. That is still one of the sickest things I've seen on WCW. Henning says that the nWo
picked him, and he never joined or....well something that makes no sense.

Clip of STARCADE 97 with Sting vs Hulk Hogan. You know, this is a match that should of been on the nWo DVD however it isn't. The match itself is
really a huge let down. Of course, Bret Hart "screws" Hogan and prevents the bell from ringing after a fast three count. Hogan tries to bail and Hart tosses him back
into the ring. Sting hits two Stinger Splashes. However the troops come out. Sting and Hart clear em all out. Sting locks on the Scorpion Deathlock and the orange goblin
taps as Sting becomes the WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Spring Stampede 98 clips where Nash screws Sting for the WCW title and Savage wins it. So this leads us to a video package of Savage and Hogan
declairing war on each other. So this ends up being an old fart in the cage match, and I never saw the real thing. But I'm just going to trust my instincts and
say it was awful due to the clip job they showed for it. Oh yeah, Sting comes in and ends up recieving an nWo beatdown.

Bischoff starts telling us that Nash started having problems with Hogan. You of course know this leads to the best feud ever! Hogan vs Nash!
Wow, talk about excellent booking! It's weird seeing Rick Rude and Curt standing behind Hogan. So the split of the nWo occurs. Clips from Nitro where
Nash attempts a powerbomb on Hogan but Bischoff starts kicking Nash. Nash of course nails the Jackknife Powerbomb on Hogan.

Video Package of nWo: Wolfpack

Then we magically go to DDP And GOLDBERG defending WCW. Hogan is shown talking about calling an nWo brother facing Goldberg tonight.
That ends up being my favorite Scott Hall, where Goldberg squashes him and I still to this day have NOT seen Goldberg hit the Jackhammer on Hall.
Hogan's interview is then continued talking about his match with Goldberg tonight. Goldberg vs Hogan for the WCW title is yet ANOTHER focus
match the WWE forgot to put on the nWo dvd, however they put Goldberg vs Nash from Starcade. Of course this match sucks, but the crowd for it was
extremely hot but then again what can you expect from Hogan and Goldberg? A Huge techinical match? A Highflying Spotfest? realistic here.
Odd part of this match is when Curt comes to ring side, but is met with a DIAMOND CUTTER BY KAAAAAARL MALONE!

Goldberg then gets his ass kicked by every member of the nWo from later dates. DDP and Malone vs Hogan and Rodman clips are shown.
I've never seen the match so I'm sure its no different then every other basic celebrity match. The ending comes with The Booty Beefcake Barbar
man hitting a Stunner on DDP and then Hogan covers for the pin.

Another nWo package hyping Jay Leno and DDP vs Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. Of course, I'm not going to bother rambling on this.
I will say though seeing Bischoff on The Tonight Show and such was great however. The match ends with Kevin Eubanks hitting a Diamond Cutter
on Leno and Jay getting the pinfall victory. WCW plays....a ripped off version of the Tonight Show theme after. That's pretty sad. Oh, they get destroyed
by the nWo as they celebrate.

The Erich Bischoff show is shown. However, I'm damn well confused because I thought the match above was set up by this angle. Hogan
"retires" and declares himself running for presidency. Steiner was made the new boss of the New World Order.

First Nitro of 1999, Kevin Nash vs Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Title. Of course this is the finger poke heard around the world, which maybe
just as bad for the WCW title image as David Arquette holding it. This match is the ONLY match shown its entirety. I'm glad the WWE didn't put this
on the DVD. Nash says it was all part of the masterplan in retrospect. Goldberg finds out and he runs into the arena PISSED~! He then beats the crap out of the nWo.
Luger turns heel and then the nWo gets a beatdown on Goldberg.

Nash said that the WCW had gained strength and that the nWo was weakend. So the nWo has split to become more powerful. Clips of Thunder where the nWo
jumps the cruiserweights. Oh yeah, it's over now and Bischoff says the nWo will continue to prove itself as the greatest wrestling organization as we're shown
nWo for life clips.

Final Thought: Meh, mixed feelings about this one. It showed more nWo history then the WWE dvd, however it wasn't that great. I wish the matches
we're shown in full. But oh well, that wasn't the case here.