Opening Video Package of Michael Buffer introducing Ric Flair, and then one of my all time favorite mark out moments is shown when Ric Flair is shown returing after his
lengthy "exile" from WCW.

Ric sits down and talks about how he's the greatest wrestler ever and you can ask anyone who's the best in their sport.Whooooo or well Wooooo. Old Flair interview is shown,
where he says he lives an dies for someone to prove to be the man, ya gotta beat the man. Whoever is narrating this tape talks about the Great American Bash as clips are show with
his match between Sting. Flair says his rivalry with Sting is his best and he's competed with Sting for 12 years. Damn, That's very much.

Starrcade 93 clips are shown where Ric Flair replaces Sid for the WCW Title match. Of course this match rocked as clips are
shown as he talks about it.

Spring Stampede 94, the Ric Flair/Ricky Steamboat rivalry is re-bone over. Once again, and Flair says it was the greatest rivalry in wrestling history
and talks about how they've been wrestling since the 70s.

Bash At The Beach 94 clips between Hogan/Flair. Great match for anyone who's never seen it, however we all know the wrong guy went over
with Hogan picking up the win. Flair talks about how he's the flagship for the NWA and WCW and such.

Starrcade 95 clips between Flair/Savage. Man this tape covers very much. I've never seen this match, however if it's anything like their Wrestlemania 8 classic
match then I'm sure its great or even average. Flair says Savage was at the end of his run in the WWF and then came to WCW and had the Slim Jim deal which he brought over
to WCW and brought over some more mainstream popularity. Clips from the crazy Nitro match between Flair and Savage for the WCW title with Savage picking
up the win at this one. Flair says he can wrestle a more open style like Savage.

Superbrawl VII (Which is a WCW producation error, because it really is SuperBrawl VI) highlights of Savage/Flair in a cage of doom~!
Awsome cage match in which Miss Elizebeth screws Savage over for the title when she tosses Flair her shoe. Ric Flair WINS~! RIC FLAIR WINS!

Bash At The Beach 96 clips make their way onto this tape somehow like all of the others, and the New World Orangization of Wrestling Brother is created.
Flair says the nWo is a cheep version of the IV Horsemen.

Clips of the WarGames 96 are shown, which once again I'll point you to my nWo DVD review as that
can be seen on there. Pretty damn fun match overall. Of course you know about the fake Sting and such, so I'm not bothering to go into that right now.

Ric Flair takes 8 Months off due to a shoulder injury and comes to beat the nWo at Slamboore 97. Flair says his shoulder injury which is the size of a quarter. I think
Kanyon had one similar to that and its pretty sick if the pictures are shown on his website still. Clips show of The Outsiders & Syxx vs Ric Flair, Roddy Piper,
& Kevin Greene. I can't remember if I've seen this match or not as I'm watching the highlights. But I do know it doesn't look all that great. WCW wins this one

Nitro clips to when Arn Anderson retires from The Horsemen. Of course this is the infamous "spot" speech. Where Arn Anderson gives
Curt Henning his spot. Anderson comes out to a ridiculiously huge reaction. He tells us if you loved or hated him, he just wants us to know he gave
everything he had. Flair says Arn is the most underrated ever in the sport.

Nitro clips where Ric Flair talks about what's really for life. Same video package highlighting the nWo vs Horsemen feud with the nWo
Horsemen Pardoy. The WarGames once again is shown between Horsemen and the nWo. Of course its the same one from the nWo
for life review and nothing has changed. And if you really don't believe me, Curt still turns on Flair and slams his head in the cage. However,
in this video the effect of it looks cooler because they show it THREE TIMES IN A ROW! Flair says getting beatdown in one of his towns
made him sad and that the nWo cutting one of his robes didn't make any sense to him. He also points out it wasn't a low point in his life.
Flair calls in Nitro and breaks up the Horsemen.

Ric Flair returns to Monday Nitro after his long leave from WCW and annouces that The Horsemen are back. Once again, I must state
this is one of the best moments I've watched in wrestling history as Ric Flair just goes off on Eric Bischoff. Flair states this was the greatest
night of his wrestling carreer. This promo was without a doubt one of the most emotional ones I've ever seen, this is well worth the price
of this tape if you can find it. Once again, I can't remember a time a promotion got this much behind an interview. Flair calls Bischoff a son
of a bitch several times. Flair states he was annoyed with how WCW was planning to use him, so he could either sit and get paid for three years
and not go to WWF or try and work things out. My favorite part of this thing is Flair rambling about Bischoff firing him and then saying he's already
fired. Good stuff.

Bischoff states Ric Flair is history. Flair then cases bischoff around on Nitro. Flair says Bischoff was doing great at the time and had
more heat then everyone at that time. He puts over Bischoff nicely. Mean Gene interviews Flair about the match between himself and Bischoff
at Starrcade. Flair does his elbow drop on the mat and cuts a promo on Bischoff. Fun stuff of course and then cuts the "You have NO HEART"
line about Bischoff. However, the fake heart attack occurs. Flair says he was doing it because he was undercontract and doing what he was told.

Clips from Thunder where Bischoff talks to the Flair family. Heh. I remember when Reid takes out Bischoff. Bischoff then beats down David.
The nWo hold the sons from protecting their mother. Oh yeah, Flair comments on Bischoff kissing his wife and says it was great due to the fact
the fans hated it. Then I agree with him on when he says "Most people think good vs bad doesn't exist anymore, but thats bullshit" and then
he states that it always has to happen or their isn't a point to the story and that its a cycle of good getting a lead and then bad doing so.

Flair vs Bischoff clips from Starrcade 98 shown. I've seen this entire match, and it's pretty fun but not nearly as great as you expecting.
It was just a great squash match for Flair fans. Bischoff wins after Henning does a run in. Flair challenges Bischoff on Nitro the next night for the WCW
Presidency as he continues to do a promo while stripping down to his boxers and if he loses he leaves the wrestling world. Of course you know, that Flair
wins this one.

Before the match, Bischoff attempts to leave Nitro in his limo. However, the Horsemen we're waiting for him inside of it and bring him to the ring.
If I can remember corretly, the match was about the same as the night before so it was just subpar entertaining squash match stuff this time
with the right guy going over. The Giant attacks Flair, But Savage turns on the nWo and Flair wins the match with a figure four on Bischoff for the win.
The entire WCW in the ring celebrates or well the major wrestlers do even Tony Schivonie goes and celebrates. Flair even gives Dusty Rhodes a biiiiiig

Nitro clips where Bischoff has to work under Schivonie doing comentary, then he does some ring work, and gets his head shaved, hell the BEST is yet to come,
Flair makes him work the merchadice stand and even better....he's in a dunking booth where the lucha libre wrestlers throw balls at the tank. YES VENGEANCE FOR THE LUCHAS!
Something else happens, but I wasn't paying attention. Oh, Flair brings back tradition to WCW that's it. Flair promo talking about Hogan and Kevin Nash. Flair goes nuts
on Nash laying down from the Finger Poke Of Doom. He runs down all the great world champions and said that they were great world champions.

Clips of David Flair & Ric Flair vs Curt Henning & um...Oh yeah Barry Windom from Sold Old. Flair comments on the match saying his son took a beating that
many of the guys couldn't take without bitching about it. Sadly, we all know the nWo made David Flair turn on him at SuperBrawl in Flair vs Hogan. David Flair
and Torrie Wilson hug and she unmasks him and then kisses her. I feel sorry for him.

Uncensord 99 clips of Hogan vs Flair in the Barbwire toped first blood cage match. You see this match makes NO fucking sense because its a first blood match right?
Flair bleeds for a majority of the entire fucking match. Yet wins by a pin with the Figure Four on Hogan. Gotta love WCW logic sometimes. I do own the show this
PPV. The match isn't too bad. Flair says winning the title once again was a great night.

Spring Stampede 99 crazy Fatal four way clips are shown with Savage as the ref. DDP ends up winning the title in this match. DDP hits
a Diamond Cutter on Page. Flair talks about how he doesn't like triangle matches for the World Title. Psst...this was a four way Ric, but I get your

Flair ends up saying he's the greatest wrestler of all time and can even make that claim with his eyes closed.
He said he wouldn't of said it five years ago, and that we can ask our wives and girlfriends.

Final Thought: You know, this is a pretty good tape on Flair's run towards the end of his WCW carreer. Good match clips, nice Flair coments, and just
a well packaged video if you ask me. I recomend it to extreme Flair fans of course.