Our host....Micahel Cole. Damnit, Cole tells us RAW has re-defined sports entertainment so we
start with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Clips of Austin/McMahon. We go to RAW where Vince McMahon demands Austin to defend the Intercontinetal Championship TONIGHT
on RAW against The Rock. Austin makes his way to the ring, and Austin isn't impressed with Vince being his boss and doesn't give a damn that he is.
Stone Cold goes through his "Hell Yeah" speech and Austin mocks Vince about his language. Anyway, the segement was good for its time.
Now it's repeated way too much.

Austin had enemies apparently. So Austin wins the title at Wrestlemania XIV, and the next night on RAW Vince McMahon awards
the World Wrestling Federation Championship to Steve Austin. Point of this segment? Beats the hell out of me, however it was part
of the Stone Cold/McMahon feud and he hits a Stunner on Vince. More of Stone Cold later......

The Rock presents The Nation of Domination a bunch of Rolexes and then gives Farooq a picture of The Rock.
So Shamrock and Rock have a match and the Nation don't come to his aid. D-Lo/Shamrock clips with Rock hitting Shamrock
with a chair. Farooq ends up challenges Rock, but they end up being held apart. Rock ends up becoming the leader of The Nation
of Domination at the end of this entire video package.

Then we go and check out the Undertaker. So we learn that Kane is coming and that The Undertaker will burn in hell.
Clips of Kane debuting at the Bad Blood Hell in a Cell Match. So Undertaker basically refused to fight his brother for so long
before finally facing off. Kane would always assault the Undertaker, while Taker would just....do....nothing? Da hell? Taker is
selling the most I've ever seen him sell. Isn't that nice of him to do that for his brother? Kane comes to um....helps DX...no wait...
he um Taker.

Royal Rumble clips, where Undertaker's casket is on fire. Then we go to RAW, and the the cool looking
lighting bolt hits the coffin and Undertaker makes his magical return. Because as Cole says the Undertaker is going to
Taker cuts a promo about soothing to souls of his parents and will be fighting Kane. So the clips of their epic battle from
Wrestlemania XIV are shown.

Sable stuff shown, I tend to ignore it because well I never liked her. If you want a recap for that look
else where. Right now as this segement is on, I sit here and eat cookies and milk. The segement last way too long, why should I care
about the Sable/Jacquline feud?

We move on to Degeneration-X. X-Pac returns to the WWF and makes the a new version of DX. Clips of the DX invasion
of World Championship Wrestling as they stand outside the arena and do all the crazy stuff.

Mick Foley ends up being highlighted after the weak DX segment. So, we get Mankind, Dude Love, and then
Cactus Jack returning at Madison Square Garden. Clips of the Street Fight between Triple H/Cactus Jack are shown as a
huge ECW chant begins. Cactus and Funk re-unite and their feud with the New Age Outlaws is recapped. The OLD BLUE
STEEL CAGE match with DX interfearing. Outlaws win the titles and they also join DX. Classic Foley interview about the fans
chanting Austin at the end of the match.

Back to DX brining fun and games back to the WWF. Nation of Domination parody skit by DX. Of course everyone knows
this skit by now. It's freaken classic. Well worth the price of the tape now. Clips of Jason Sensation then making fun of other
WWF Superstars. Of course Owen ends up coming out and puts him into the Sharpshooter. DX is far from done from havings
fun in the WWF.

Val Venis is then highlighted. The Venis/Kaientai feud is shown with the Land Of The Rising
Venis video being played and Kaientai pissed off. Clips of Yamaguchi son about to beat his wife in the ring
but Venis makes the save. Hilarious shit occurs when Yamaguchi son promises "I CHOPPY CHOPPY YOUR PEE PEE! HAHAHA"
till this day I still laugh at this shit. Clips of Kaintai vs Val Venis and Taka where Taka rejoins the group and turns on Venis.
They take him to the back and chop is penis. Nice of the WWF not even bluring his ass.

Back to Austin and McMahon feuding. Austin gets everyone from McMahons group of friends arrested. I don't remember this
at all, but it's an average segment. Vince cuts some promo or something that makes NO Sense because he said other then Godzilla being released
there isn't a WWF superstar he's afraid of. So Godzilla works for the WWF? McMahon books Taker vs Austin, but McMahon
recieves a Chokeslam from Vince McMahon. But Kane power jogs like Nash to the ring and brawls with Undertaker. Mick Foley comes out
and takes out Austin.

McMahon rewards the Smoking Skull Title to Austin. However, this is the infamous beer truck scene. Austin comes in, sprays beer
and then hits a thesz press on McMahon. Classic moment once agan. Later on that same night Undertaker and Kane had their own
dealing with Vince McMahon. Undertaker then beats the fuck out of Vince and Kane joins in as well.

McMahon in the hospital shit occurs complete with Mankind, Yurple, and the debut of Mr. Socko. Funny stuff.
Clips of the Mandible Claw with Socko on Mark Henry. Back at the hospital another classic Austin/McMahon segement
is shown where Austin beats the hell out of Vince. A week later we get Austin pooring the cement on Vince's car.

At Judgement Day, Austin double counts Kane and Underktaker. So that leads to Vince firing Austin. That same night,
Undertaker creates a new face of his character and creates the Ministry of Darkness. Clips of all the Undertaker Ministry

Clips saying Vine holds Austin responsible and that the fans are cheering for Austin when Vince needs the fans.
Vince said he pissed in his pants during it, and no one came to his aid. He then chews out his cronies for not helping him.
They hurt Vince's feelings. This ends up having Steve Austin getting a new contract and such. Shane doesn't listen to Vince anymore
and signed Austin. This is the end of the tape of course and Cole tells us to wait for Volume 2.

Final Thought: Pretty solid tape although, I wish it just didn't cover story lines and had matches on it as well. Now you can pick both,
Volume 1 & 2 on DVD. If you can find it that is. If you can, pick up that one instead of just getting the VHS version of this one.