Our host: Chris Leary (why?!?! Although he doesn't talk that much, so its good.)
We're shown that this is the story of the nWo (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan). And this is about WCW and the WWF with one orgainsation the New World Order. Hogan says the nWo represents the new generation of wrestling. So Hogan is part of the NEW generation of things? Pfftt. Clips of the nWo and talk about what they've done for sports entertainment. Hall talks about helping the fans have a good time.

Flash Back to 1996
Where Vince McMahon and Ted Turner have been facing each other on Monday Night. Hogan apparently has gone to WCW. Hulk Hogan video highlight package is shown with about eight million leg drops being the main focus. Hogan says that feuds last longer back in the day and now that they're shorter. Marking maybe the first time I agree with him. Well I mean that is pretty obvious anyway. We're shown that Hogan, Piper, Savage, and "others" (showing Jeff Jarrett) have been taken from the WWF with fat contract offers by WCW and less demanding working dates.

The WWF had developed new talent to make up for it, mainly Scott Hall as Razor Ramon. Hall says every dream he had was coming true since joining the WWF. Highlight package of Razor Ramon destroying everyone. This package lasts longer then the Hogan one it seems. Now its time, for Kevin Nash history as Diesel who came in as Shawn Michael's body guard. So A highlight package of Nash destroying Hall...or Excuse me Razor is shown. Hell, we get the entire Backlund/Diesel title match in this package. If you've never seen it, I sure as hell KNOW its ****3/4 MTOY at that time. Even if it only was eight seconds long. More highlights of Nash's title reign are shown like the match with HBK from Wrestlemania.

We're taken to the the last night of Hall's and Nash's WWF carreers from Madison Square Garden. Hall talks about how his first match the arena was half full, and the last night the arena was packed. They show the Clique hugging in an "aww" moment. Hall said they felt like they had to say goodbye to the fans. He also points out that they didn't have any intention of breaking kayfabe and that it just sort of happend on the spot. He says its flatering that fans still talk about it and he felt he sold out when going to WCW. However, he needed to do what was best for his family and take the money from Ted Turner.

Flash Back to Monday Nitro
Hall comes to the ring during the middle of the match demanding for Billionair Ted, and The Nacho Man. Hall talks about going where ever and whenever he wants. Then he talks about having a scoop for Scheme Gene. He calls Bischoff a weather man wanna be. Heh, I loved Hall. Hall has a challenge for the Dubya See Dubya later tonight and says that if they want a war, they're going to get one. Hall didn't think the nWo was going to take off the way it did. Hall comes out and talks to Bischoff at the annoucer table saying that "we" are sick of it and that if this is where the big boys play it's a joke. Then says they have a war but it will take place in the ring. He then delievers the classic line "We are taking over."

Nash comes out a week later and starts making fun of the entire age of the WCW roster and tells Bischoff to bring what he's got. Hall says everyone was amazed to see it take off the way it did. We are taken to Bash at The Beach 96 where Bischoff asks them if they work for the World Wrestling Federation. Of course, both say no. Hall says to forget the past and he asks for the three guys to face them. Bischoff of course says he'll tell whos facing them on Nitro, so Nash powerbombs his ass off the stage.

Clips of the nWo bringing havoc on Nitro.

The greatest day in the history of the nWo, clips of Bash At The Beach 96 are shown with Hogan speech and his tourn on WCW at the end of it. It's pretty crazy when they can make a highlight video more intresting then an actual match. Hogan of course is the third man as EVERYONE should know by now. This truely was a great moment in wrestling. No one saw Hogan ever turning heel, and I'll be damned if he wasn't a good one surprisingly enough. Funniest part about the thing is when Tony thinks it was all planned since 1994. Hall talks about all the trash that was thrown into the ring, and said that he said you should be able to yell and scream but not throw things into the ring. Well the interview is still going on, and I'm going to recap it later on during when I recap the extras.

Nitro Clips are shown, and Hogan talks about beating the entire WCW talent pool was fun. Wow, Boss Man err excuse me Ray Trailor gets punked. That ROCKS. Mean Gene cuts a promo with Hogan. Hogan says he's sick of the kids and talks about facing The Giant at Hog Wild for the WCW championship brother. Hogan wants to beat up the entire WCW roster.

Clips of the nWo beating everyone up with baseball bats near a production truck and the BEST part of the dvd Nash throws Rey Mysterio right into the truck as if he we're a dart. Meanwhile, another clip package is shown with XPW looking production values as Hall and Nash beat up Sting. Yeah, it was dark as hell and yellowish. It wasn't very nice looking.

Hog Wild Clips for the WCW Championship between The Giant and Hogan. Giant is shown Hulking up which makes me laugh a bit. It amazes me to see The Giant in such great shape or well I should say better shape then he currently is in the WWE. Runs in but is pressed slam off the rope and meets a chokeslam. Nash comes in and gets kicked by The Giant and gets chokeslamed, however, Hogan hits Giant with the World title belt for the win. Hogan spray paints nWo right on the World Title on the sexy big gold belt. Hall talks about the entire thing being very enjoyable.

More clips shown, Hogan talks about knowing how to get to a wrestler in and out the ring and how he loves making trouble. More clips of the nWo doing what they do best, even a nWo beat down is shown which then makes me mark as they take out The Four Horsemen and the Dugen of Doom. However, this is when the Big S...sorry The Giant joins the New World Orlder. Savage comes out and cleans house. But the nWo take out Savage as well.

Hogan talks about being the only real bad guy in the nWo since Hall and Nash became cool to like. Hogan and the nWo beat down Ric Flair in a moment that should never of even happend damn it! Ric Flair rocks. Everyone starts tosses trash into the ring. Hogan talks about that a problem was how the nWo was so strong and they'd take an average wrestler and put the nWo shirt on them and how it watered the effect but made that wrestler a star. Hall says it was at the strongest when it was just the three of them. In a bizzar video way of doing things, the WWF shows us a highlight package from the Attitude era.

Then we skip a huge gap of history where we had the great nWo black and white with Stevie Rey and Vincent and Horrace and shit fighting over control and the nwo Wolfpack. What the hell? Did the guys in the production studio FORGET ABOUT THAT? I mean, after all that IS what killed the New World Order. And the nWo black and white was pretty damn amusing at times. But somehow we're fast fowarded to when Ric Flair comes back as the person who bought Shane and Stephanie's stock. So to get it back at Flair, Vince brings in the n...W..o and say's he's going to kill his creation. You know, it's kind of ironic since bringing them in how things have been on a downfall since. Clips for that time are shown, especially Bradshaw shooting on all three members.

nWo arrival at No Way Out is shown, and they are amazed how the crowd pops for the three of them. Hogan's promos about wanting a chance is shown from No Way Out. Hogan talks about how important Vince is to everything. Hall talks about it being a dream come true and is happy they had a final run. nWo then offers Steve Austin a beer. Well, beer from Scott Hall....what kind of sick freaks in the WWE would book Hall to give someone beer? Anyway, the nWo is then shown meeting with The Rock. Hogan's son's favorite wrestler is The Rock and Hogan takes a picture with Rock. Rock then lays a verbal smackdown on all three memebers of the nWo.

Later on, Jericho and Austin are having a match however the nWo runs in. Scott Hall nails Austin with a stunner, and Jericho picks up the win. After Jericho leaves, the nWo continues their assault on Austin and they even spray paint him. Isn't that nice?

Highlights of the Austin/Hall feud for Wrestlemania X8. Makes me sad, because Hall got his ass handed to him during this entire feud, and I'm a huge Scott Hall fan. Then we are shown the highlight package between The Rock/Hogan fedu for the same PPV. The moment Hogan/Rock had their first stair down still gives me chills. I mean, as much as their match sucked. The crowd was just insane for it. It truely was one of my favorite moments in wrestling even if the work rate sucked. Oh yeah, they have the stupid lets hit Rock with an ambulance and have him come back a few weeks later part in here as well. More highlights are shown, with the nWo picking on staff members. Hall vs Spike Dudley is shown in clip formation, with Hall picking up the win with the Razor's Edge. Scott Hall vs The Rock clips from Smackdown are shown.

Clips from Wrestlemania X8 are shown with Hall vs Austin and Rock vs Hogan. The Hall/Austin match to me as alright, but let me down in most aspects. Video package don't reall do these matches justice sometimes. If your curious, both Austin and Rock won. But I'm pretty sure you already knew that. Around 5 minutes of clips later, Hogan talks about being in the ring with Rock made his carreer so much more then anything else. Hogan of course turns face later on, and that the future is up in the air. Hall says they need to get back to basics. So we're shown Rock vs Kevin Nash from Smackdown. After the match, Hogan comes to save his new found buddy in The Rock. However, X-Pac makes an appearence and attacks Hogan. So they lose Hogan and gain X-Pac as a replacement? What the.....fudge? Hall says they killed WCW pretty quick and that it will take them longer to do the same to the WWF. Hogan talks about the nWo not knowing when to back off and that that was their downfall. However it was one of the most important stables in sports entertainment.


Bash At The Beach (7/7/1996)
Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs Sting, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, & Lex Luger
In a somewhat amusing note, the WWF replaces Michael Buffer's introductions with crowd reaction and theme music because of course you can clearly seeing Buffer in the middle of the ring annoucing everyone. Before the match, Mean Gene begs to know the third man but The Outsiders say he'll be here. Hall and Luger start things off on the NIGHT OF THE HOSTIL TAKE OVER~! Kick to the midsection by Hall to start things off. Hall goes for a clothesline, but its ducked under. He then connects with a flying fore arm, and decks Kevin Nash. Luger is on the side apron, clotheslines Hall down. However, Nash catchs him in a headlock. But team WCW comes in, Savage connects with a double axe handle off the TOP ROPE~! And Sting delivers the Stinger Splash on Nash. Luger apparently is knocked out. You know, it's funny when they have to take someone like Luger out of the match to make the work rate better. Savage is shown beating the hell out of Hall. Luger gets the stretcher treament to take him out of the ring, and I really can't help but be happy at this moment during the match. Getting him out of the arena takes way to long. Anyway, the Outsiders attempt to get at Luger but are stopped. Hall slaps Sting right across the face, but Sting takes him down and stomps the holy hell ouf of Hall. Inverted Atomic drop followed by a face crusher by Sting on The Outsider. Tag out to Savage, who goes for another double axe handle off the top, but Hall catches him right in the midsection with a punch. Nash walks in, and delivers a snake eyes on Savage as the ref's distracted. Savage ducks the clothesline and hits one of his on, pinfall attempt only gets two. Hall tags into Nash, and Savage tells Nash to bring it. Uh Oh, this could be fun. Nash tosses Savage into the corner, and then knees him right into the midsection. Body slam on Savage by Nash, then Nash hits a HORRIBLE looking elbow drop. To me it looked like Nash was supose to miss the elbow drop, but Savage got up as Nash was falling. It was kind of sick looking. Sting tags in and Nash hits his picture perfect corner fram ELBOWS AND KNEE LIFT on Sting. Nash props Sting in the corner and chokes him wtih the big boot. Sting comes back, and connects wtih a dropkick, he goes for a sunset flip but yeah that doesn't work and Nash picks him up with a neck throw. Hall tags into the match and begins taking it to Sting. Fall Away Slam but only gets two. Hall tags to Nash who then comes in and hits a big boot on the fallen Sting. Nash just continues the assault on Sting. Sting hits a KNEE DROPKICK~! in which Schivonie says is a dropkick to the gut. Nash tags out to Hall, who then goes for a body slam but is countered for a small package for two. Hall keeps dropping elbows on Sting, picks him up and locks on the Abdominal Stretch. Being the heel Hall is he grabs Nash's hand to CHEAT! No tag, but Nash comes in and puts the same move on Sting, and he hits some hammer blows to Sting's back. Owch, that's got to suck. So Nash starts pulling on Hall's Arm to cheat as well. Sting escapes via an eye rake, which is odd for him because he's a face. Hall stops Sting from tagging out to Macho Man. Clothesline by Hall once again gets a two count. Sleeper hold locked on by Hall, which Tony calls a front face lock. Best line of the comentary tonight "I don't even know if that's a word or not"- Dusty Rhodes. Ahh, that was funny. Savage tries attacking with a chair but is stopped. Sting is dead it seems. Hall covers once again but only gets two. Nash comes in and hits a SIDE WALK SLAM~! But you know, that only got two. It amazes me how Sting's selling how dead he is but can kick out after all these moves. Sting brawls with Nash a bit before tagging Savage. Savage takes out both of the Outsiders and stuff. He starts pounding away on Nash, and then delivers a double axe handle to the outside of the ring on Hall. Hall gets back IN the ring, and he delivers another axe handle on Hall. Savage gets low blowed by Nash. HOGAN IS HERE! HULK HOGAN IS HERE! Hall and Nash roll out the ring, Hogan tears off the shirt but......in the most ultimate HEEL TURN HE HITS THE LEG DROP OF DOOM TWICE ON SAVAGE! Hogan hits A THIRD LEG DROP! And after that I'm surprised Savage doesn't have serious neck injuries. Hogan covers Savage, and Hall counts the three. Hell, the pure amount of trash piling up is great. A fat fan some how makes it to the ring, and then Nash stomps the hell out of him before the gaurd take him away. Of course Mean Gene comes out and the rest is history as Hogan turns heel and the birth of the New World Order. As a match, it was an extended squash of WCW so *, as something to set up an angle it was insanely awesome.

Fall Brawl (9/15/1996)
Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, and fake Sting vs Sting, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Lex Luger
Scott Hall and Arn Anderson start things at tonights WARGAMES! And the match starts, Hall opens up on Arn with a series of punches, and Arn comes back and throws him head first into the cage and then stomps on Hall's midsection. Hall gets back up and hits a clothesline on Arn. Arn keeps get thrown into the cage by Hall. Hall stomps on the downed Anderson. Anderson fights back and hits an arm wringer, but the chop blocks HALL~! He then locks on a spinning toe hold, which Tony ends up calling a figure four. Damn he's stupid at most of the time. Hall escapes by crawling over to the other ring. Hall beats down Anderson in the corner and starts choking him with his boot. Two minutes are left in peroid one, and I wonder who the next man will BE~! Arn hits Hall with a punch to the midsection and then locks on a SLEEPER HOLD! Hall escapes the sleeper, gets up and punches Arn. However, Arn being the smart guy he is, he hits a SPINEBUSTER on Hall and then locks on a half boston crab. Countdown from ten starts as the nWo gains advantage with Kevin Nash doing his power jog to the ring. Arn breaks the half crab, ducks under Nash's clothesline and then connects with some blows a bit. However, Hall recovers and locks on a waist lock on Arn. So Nash retaliates with a big boot on the former Horsemen. Very nice looking series of moves. The Outsiders throw Anderson righ into the cage. Nash then connects with the Snake Eyes. The Outsiders continue the beat down on poor Arn. Luger makes his way to the ring about 10 seconds before he should be able to. Cheating WCW bastards! They shouldn't have been able to use a man who has a steel plate in his arm! DAMN YOU WCW! Luger ducks the double clothesline from The Outsiders and connects with one of his own on the both of them. The crowd goes crazy as Luger cleans house on the nWo. Luger takes out the nWo very quickly with the same moves over and over (You know the moves, the flying forarm and a clothesline). Everyone gets up and Nash and Arn brawl and Luger and Hall brawl. And then they switch who brawls with who. Nash has Luger down and starts choking him, and Hall chokes Arn. Arn gets up and tosses Hall right into the cage. Arn then hits the DDT~! right on Nash. Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring, but as he gest into the cage he's double teamed by Team WCW. Luger gets attacked by Hall, and then Anderson ends up getting double teamed by The Outsiders. Hogan and Anderson end up going to the other ring as The Outsiders continue the assault on Luger. Hogan bodyslams Anderson and then connects wit some elbow drops and locks on a chokehold. Arn smashes Hogan's face right into the cage. A "We want Flair!" chant starts the nWo gains the upper hand in the WarGames. Hogan hits the Leg Drop on Arn, and then he chokes Luger with his boot. Flair runs down to the ring, and he gets into the first ring and tells the nWo to come to him. Hogan starts punching Flair, Flair ducks under one of Hogans punches and swings at Hogan. Flair takes out the entire nWo, and then connects with a low blow on Hall. Then he starts strutting. Series of Inverted Atomic drops on Hall by Luger. Flair locks on the Figure Four on Hogan as Luger chokes Hall. nWo Sting makes his wa to the ring. Nash gets up and hits the Jackknife on Luger. nWo Sting comes in and takes out Luger Everyone brawls a bit, this is a bit hard to call. But Hall hits the Outsider's Edge on Anderson. Hogan throws Flair into the cage several thousand times. He then body slams and leg drops Flair. 30 seconds remaining, nWo Sting connects with the Stinger Splash WCW Team Mate. Sting comes in and saves the day as he cleans house on the nWo. Stinger Splash on Hogan, Hall, Nash, and then the nWo Sting. Face crusher on Hall by Sting. Sting and Luger have a verbal confrontation. Sting then leaves the WarGames. Hogan hits about the millionth leg drop choke combination in this match on Luger. Scorpion Deathlock locked on Luger as Hogan puts him in a front face lock as well. That possibly maybe one of the neatest moves I've ever seen done by Hogan. Especially for a double team. Luger of course gives it up as team nWo wins it. *** After the match, the nWo takes out Team WCW. They then raise the cage. Luger attempts to leave crawling and screaming for Sting. However, the nWo stop him. Team WCW and the nWo brawl before Savage comes out. He tosses Hogan right into the middle of the ring. Hogan tries to beg off, but the Giant comes out and takes out Savage with a CHOKESLAM! The nWo then spray paints Savage of course in nWo trdadition. Really fun WarGames, and it had a really nice story to it.

Starrcade (12/27/1998)
WCW World Heavyweight Championship:
Bill Goldberg (c) vs Kevin Nash
Tony talks about wondering who the fan favorite in thius match is as the Goldberg chant begins. Goldberg at this point was 173-0. They point out this match is NO DQ! And damn, I turn around to see where they are, and then it dawned on me how long Goldberg's intro was in WCW sometimes. They actually CLIP from Goldberg walking to the ring, right to him being into the ring. However, it really is done nicely by the WWF and is shown with a crowd shot and some comentary by the WCW annoucers. The bell rings, and Goldberg and Nash have a trade down of taunts as the crowd eats it up. They lock up, but really don't get anywhere by doing so until Goldberg throws him into the corner. They lokc up once again, and Nash puts Goldberg in a side headlock which makes me worry about this match. Goldberg can't even escape a side headlock from Nash, however he DOES counter it with a sweet looking backdrop. So Nash rolls out of the ring to think about his game plan. Nash gets back in but seems like he doesn't care about the match. Nash begins punching Goldberg and then delivers a back elbow right to the head on a Goldberg who's selling. Nash has Goldberg in the corner and is taking it to him with some knee lifts and punches. Goldberg is really selling it amazes me, and I'm sure it does you. Nash puts his big boot to choke Goldberg however, Goldberg shrugs him out the corner and catches the leg. However, in a What the fuck moment, Nash locks on a CROSS ARM BREAKER on Goldberg. Goldberg gets out and locks on an ankle hold variation. Goldberg punches Nash like crazy and he falls right on his ass. Internet fans, you may eat this up, as Nash gets up he shoves Goldberg into the corner and Tony Schivonie says "Right into the Turnbuckle, which has never phased Goldberg much before." Nash gets back up and chokes Goldberg with his boot . Goldberg ducks under Nash's big boot, and hits THE SPEAR~! HE'S GOING TO GO FOR THE JACKHAMMER! The crowd goes crazy for the spear, because they know what's next. Uhm, in a weird move...Goldberg goes for a Jackhammer but just kind of falls. The annoucers say that Nash connected with a low blow, but I blinked and really am too lazy to get up and rewind to check. So I'll....trust them. Goldberg and Nash both get up, Goldberg gets nailed with a Side Walk SLAM! But Nash only gets two. Nash then delivers an elbow drop of doom on Goldberg, and guess what? It gets two. Nash props the downed Goldberg on the ropes, and hits him with that rope knee drop thing for lack of proper term. But once again after the cover only gets two. I've seriously never seen Goldberg sell this much even tho I'm a fan of his, I'd have to admit that. Goldberg delivers a savate kick to come back. But shortly after Goldberg gets nailed with a clothesline and gets pinned for a two. Goldberg counters a vertical suplex with a sweet lookin swinging neckbreaker. Goldberg takes Nash down with a headlock suplex, and then covers but only gets two. Standing Side Kick by Goldberg knocks Nash down. Goldberg then hits a running powerslam on Goldberg but once again only gets two. Goldberg hits a fucking SPIN WHEEL KICK in this match, Amazingly. Disco Inferno runs down to the ring but gets speared. Bam Bam runs in and gets taken out by Goldberg. Meanwhile, Scott Hall sneaks in his security clothes and tazers the hell out Goldberg. Nash hits the Jackknife Powerbomb, and covers Goldberg for the World Heavyweight Championship. This match is offten called one of the major downfalls in WCW history, I could see why in some aspects due to Goldberg being very hot with the WCW fans. However, as a match it wasn't too bad. Say *1/2? But seriously, this isn't main event caliber for anyone. It wasn't too bad or anything.....but really not that good either.

nWo for life
One of their crazy little video pacakges saying they'll appear at No Way Out.

nWo Poision
Another video package to hype their WWF Debut.

RAW (3/11/02)
The Rock & Steve Austin vs Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan
At the start of this match, I seriously notice a difference in crowd reaction between RAW now and even a year ago. Hall and Rock start things out. Hall starts the match trading punches with Rock. Rock attemps an irish whip, Hall then counters it but then Rock counters the counter and just slams Hall face first into the mat. Rock clothesline Hall, ten decks Nash. He tells Hogan to just bring it. Hall gets back up and irsh whips Rock into the ropes who then gets nailed with a back elbow by Kevin Nash. Clothesline by Hall only gets a tw. Nash tags into the ring, and starts delievering elbows right on The Rock. Rock goes for some punches but Nash is like "Nawh bitch" and then hits Rock with a side walk slam,but he only gets two with the pin fall attempt. Nash then Rock with Snake Eyes, then tags out To HULK HOGAN! Hogan delivers a clothesline and mounts Rock with some punches. Hogan even breaks out a backdrop on Rock which shocks the hell out of me. Hogan tags back out to Hall who then stomps Rock in the corner, Rock attempts to fight back but Rock gets hit with a drop toe hold by Hall. Nash then slowly makes his way into the ring and drops an elbow but misses. Rock makes a tag out to Austin. Austin cleans house on the nWo. Lou Thesz Press on Nash, and then a Spinebuster on Scott Hall. Double clothesline by Austin on the Outsiders. Nash connects with a BIG BOOT~! on Austin. Nash tags out to Scott Hall. Hall comes in and takes it to Austin. Fall Away Slam by Hall on Austin, he covers however gets two. Nash tags in, and connects with his corner picture frame elbows of DOOM! Austin fights back, but Nash delivers a knee to the gut of Austin. Tag back out to Hall, Hall then gets a clothesline right on Austin but ONLY GETS TWO! Hogan tags in and this marks I think the ONLY time Austin and Hogan have faced off in the WWF.Hogan hits a body slam, and then chokes the weakend Austin. Big right hand by Hogan takes Austin down. Another quick tag by Hogan right to Hall. Hall comes in and delivers a chokeslam on Austin,but he kicks out at two. Hall attempts the Razor's Edge but its countered with a backdrop. Austin figres his punches, goes for a stunner but is shrugged off by Hall who then clotheslines Austin. Both men are down and JR hypes Wrestlemania X8. Rock tags in and so does Nash. Rock comes in and nails Nash with a flying lariat, Hall goes for a save but Rock DDTs him. Nash takes Rock down and then tags into Hogan. Rock kips up, but Nash attacks him from behind to take the Rock down. Hogan keeps punching Rock, then they start trading punchs. Austin comes into stop Hall from doing so. Hogan hits the BIG BOOT AND LEG DROP COMBO ON THE ROCK! He covers and picks up the win. Austin comes in and punches the hell out of Hogan. Nash Elbows Austin off Hogan, and Hall picks up Austin then connects with a Stunner. This match was pretty fun and not offensive. **

Easter Eggs
-Four other nWo We're coming videos
& an Interview about who's the next member of the New World Order will be, and how they talk about how the WCW will be taken over by the nWo. Pretty fun interview. I wish the "BUY THE SHIRT" promo was on here tho.

Overview: Pretty disappointing DVD, I mean the start of it was good, but they could of done so much more with this thing. Mild recommendation, only for the old WCW footage if your a junkie for that stuff like me or just a huge nWo fan this is a must have. However, WCW's nWo for life video was even better then this.