Background information: Way back in 2001, everyone knows The Hardys, Edge & Christian and the Dudley Boys made the World Wrestling
Federation Tag Team division intresting for the longest time. They had their incredible spotfest matches and stuff. It was a tag division at its finest
almost. So the World Wrestling Federation put out a little video called "Tables, Ladders, and Chairs" this isn't the video however. This video is entitled
"Taking It 2 Xtremes" which is a pussified version of the TLC video but instead of running an hour is only 35 minutes. Now time for the review.

Highlight packages of all the bumps the three tag teams have taken since the start of their feud. We're told that all these normal house hold items
bring a new type of sports entertainment and that the tape is really about three different tag teams and how they're different but the same at the same time.

EMatt Hardy talks about him and Jeff being "wrestlers" as little kids and filming them wrestling as little kids. Isn't that cute? The WWE
always talks about don't try this at home, yet Foley and the Hardys did. Oh yeah, Jeff cuts a promo about being the champion in the federation of the TEENAGERS!
Best.Promo.Evar. Bubba talks about hanging out with vetrans like Terry Funk and loving it. D-Von says Johnny Rogers trained him. Christian talks about how it was his goal
to make it into the WWF. Edge makes a point about having confidence in himself to join the WWF.

Highlights of Matt Hardy vs Nikoli Volkoff and Razor Ramon beating the shit out of Jeff Hardy. Jeff starts bitching and says he wants to go home
and just cut "Grass" for the rest of his life. Jeff then came back and has a great match with 123 Kid. They all wanted to be wrestlers if you couldn't tell.

D-Von always looked at Hogan for inspiration as a kid, and he also liked Piper as well. Bubba Ray Dudley like Ric Flair because he'd
wrestle for 45 minutes to an hour and also he loves Terry Funk. Matt Hardy talks about Michael Hayes and how he's helped the Hardys. They
also like Mick Foley for helping them out a bit. How come Edge and Christian weren't asked about who they enjoyed? Hmph.

Christian talks about going to his friends house and watching PPVs. So they all talk about the Scott Hall/Shawn Micahels
ladder match. They show the clips from SummerSlam ladder re-match instead of the Wrestlemania one. Never seen the SS one, so
I'm not sure how it is.

Edge & Christian talk about The Brood and how everything was very cool about it. I agree as I felt it was one of the most underated stables ever.
Gangrel ends up hitting the Implant DDT on Edge and then goes for the blood bath on Edge, however the lights dim and Christian puts a blood bath on
Gangrel. Edge and Christian join up. However, the Hardys and Gangrel team against Edge & Christian. Hardyz then turn on Michael Hayes.
So The New Brood starts as E&C go out on their own.

The Turning point from going WWF Wrestlers to WWF Superstars is the Ladder Match at No Mercy so they "say". Once again a clip job of all the major
spots is run down and of course it was very nice. They run down the ending about pulling down the sack of money since it wouldnt fall. Hardyz win, I guess
that was the right choice? Standing ovation for everyone, and the same occured the next night on RAW.

Now we had two teams, yes TWO TEAMS! However, the Dudleyz come into the picture and clips showing them powerbombing Matt through the
table right onto Jeff Hardy. D-Von was curious if the fans were going to accept him because he was afraid of it. Smackdown clipof Bubba falling off the
stage right through the table. And then Hardy hitting the Swanton off the stage on Bubba through another table.

Edge and Christian run down that the chairs are real. And then Matt Hardy talks about how he likes chairs coming at him hard.
Christian says its a rush EVERY TIME YOU GO OUT THERE! He loves it even if they're cheering or booing. He loves getting the rush
from doing a match.

So the Bubba super powerbomb Terri through the table, and then Mae Younge, and then Mae Younge again but this time off the stage,
and then Lita, and then Trish, and stuff.. D-Von said they like to take it to another level.

So we fast foward to Wrestlemania 2000/XVII with the Triangle Ladder Match between the three teams. You know
to be honest, I didn't like this match the first time I viewed it. I have grown to like it a bit more since then. Edge & Christian
pick up the titles at this match. Jeff Hardy was glad the match was over when it was and was happy there was no serious

THE CONCHAIRTO! YES! It's just a video package setting up the TLC match at SummerSlam 2000.
Everyone wanted to top what happend at Wrestlemania. None of them are afraid of the TLC matches and none of them
think about the match while it happens. Clips of the Summerslam match is shown. Matt Hardy states that the rush builds up so much
that they don't mind the bumps. D-Von and Jeff hanging from the belts before they fall down. D-Von states that was scary for him.
I don't blame him, if I was just hanging there I'd say the same. Oh, Edge and Christian pick up the win there as well.
Apparently the teams are insane and have watched this match several hundred times after it. They put over the match
like crazy and Lawker class it a slobberknocker.

More various clips between the three teams are done. Matt says that fans respond to anything that's
entertaining. Christian says the tag team picture now is the greatest it's ever been. Well maybe at the time this tape was filmed.
Bubba says the WWF should let the Dudleyz be the Dudleyz. Edge says they're part of the tag team evolution in wrestling.
Matt says they all helped rasied the bar. You know....I've noticed this entire fucking time Jeff has maybe said two things the entire
tape and just sat there with his arms folded.

In closing we're told we can expect more tables, ladders and chairs.

Final Thought: Don't get this tape at all, if you want a recap of all their major feud the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs video.