Opening Video Package Highlights the majory feuds such as Orton/HBK, Shane/Kane, and Goldberg/Triple H. It's done with some amusing Triple H coments about Goldberg pretending to be a wrestler. Heh. He says Goldberg's career is a joke stuff. A Really nice video package over their dully built feud if you ask me.

Your Hosts:
Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

Yor Spanish Hosts:
Hugo Savinovich
Carlos Cabera

World Tag Team Championship Table Handicap Match (Wow, that's a mouth full.)
Dudley Boyz vs La Resistance (c) & Rob Conway
We're shown a clip reminding us why this isn't the original six man tag. You know, Spike dies several times in the last few weeeks. As La Resistance and Conway stand outside the ring, a USA chant begins. D-Von and Dupree trade blows. Back elbow and then a weird face plant looking move by D-Von. Dupree shoves D-von into the heel corner, and then tags out to Conway. Conway continues the assualt. Irish whip by Conway, but D-Von nails him with then a shoulder block, Body slam by D-Von and then a leg drop. Irish whip by D-Von, Conway attempts to bail but is caught by D-Von. Dudleyz then nail him with a double clothesline. D-von tags out to Bubba. Bubba props Conway on the top turnbuckle and then just hammers him upsidedown in the tree of woa. Bubba decks Conway with a clothesline then attacks both members of La Resistance. Bubba whips all three of the foes into the turnbuckle, runs across the ring and connects with a splash. Dudleys eleminate the tag champs and then hit Conway with a elevated flapjack. Dupree gets back in and clotheslines Bubba. Then he tags back out to Conway. Conway chops Bubba and then stomps on him. He tags out to Grenier who then chokes Bubba. Once again, tag out to Dupree. Both La Resistance members then kick Bubba's midsection and slam his head to the mat. "USA" start charts as Dupree tags to Conway. Conway locks on a sleeper, but ts countered to a backdrop. D-Von makes his way into the ring, and cleans house. At this point it kind of looks just like a done series of moves, but Bubba comes in and they hit Conway with the Backdrop/Neckbreaker combo. They then level Dupree with the "Waazup" headbutt. D-Von get the table time, and the crowd is awake now as a huge table chant begins. Dudleyz set up the table, however La Resistance and Conway magically appear to stop them. Conway and Grenier double team D-von as Dupree set up a table in the corner. Conway and Grenier then whip D-Von through the table. At this point, I'm pretty sure D-Von should of been "eleminated" and not particpate in the match. But that would make TOO much sense or something anyway. Bubba fights back but Conway nails him with a neckbreaker. Grenier continues the assault on Bubba while who the hell knows what Dupree and Conway are exactly doing. Bubba fights back with some strong chops to the chest. Grenier then gets his suplex countered right into the table. And MAGICALLY ONCE AGAIN freaken Conway appears out of no where. He mounts Bubba and continues punching him. Dupree slides in the table, and they prop that sum bitch up. They attempt a double team back body drop, but it doesn't work because the magical healing powers of D-Von have made him better and he moves the table out the way. Spinebuster on D-Von however by Dupree. Dupree nails Conway by mistake. Bubba bomb on Dupree. Double team Spinebuster outside the ring on Conway to eleminate him. Grenier comes in with the flag but misses and D-Von nails him with it. Dupree clothesliens both of the Dudleyz. Dupree goes for a body slam, which is then reversed by D-Von and is proped Dupree in a reverse DDT position, however....D-Von shoves him off and they nail a 3D through the table for the tag titles. Now the Dudleyz are 17 time world tag team champions. Sadly I don't care. The match was dull. However the ending was neat. *1/2 The Dudleyz are stale now, and will go on to feud with maybe the likes of Rodney Mack & Mark Henry.

Music video of Suffocate by um...I didn't catch the bands name. However it recaps the "excellent" Stacy Keibler/Test/Scott Steiner love triangle.

Scott Steiner vs Test
Winner gets Stacy, but if Test wins Steiner's also becomes his beotch.
The match has NO reaction from the start of things, except for the minor pop of Scott Steiner's entrence and Stacy's from a few minutes before it. Before the match, JR calls Test sucessful and runs down all the titles Test has held. Stacy goes over and hugs Scott. Aww, that's cute. I want chainmail like Steiner. Anyway, Test decks Steiner from behind and then stomps on him. Test whips Steiner into the ropes, and jumps....but Steiner catches him for what Good Ole JR calls a "slam" but I'm just going to call it ugly. Steiner pounds on Test. Steiner then starts choping and the crowd wakes up for Whooing. See no matter how bad a match is, chop someone and they crowd will react with whoos. Steiner attempts a back body drop but is kicked in the face. Steiner ducks under Test's clothesline and hits him with one of his own. Test gets nailed with the Steiner Elbow Drop/Flex Combo of death, Steiner then hits his fearful push ups of pain (maybe these make him so tired!). Test bails after seeing that. He tries to hide behind Stacy but she bitch slaps him. Test then punches Steiner's face and whips him into the steel steps. Back to the ring they go. Steiner comes back with his punches and chops. Full Nelson slam by Test only gets a two. Lariat by Test and then he begins to mimic the push ups of pain~! Steiner trades punches with Test. Test ends up locking on the Sleeper Hold which amazes me why would you want to SLOW THIS MATCH DOWN! Test then hits a back elbow on Steiner. Test goes up top for a top rope double axe handle, but Steiner catchs him into a release northern lights suplex. Stacy starts slapping the mat, I wonder if that hurts her hand. Steiner hits a bunch of clotheslines and then chops the hell out of test in the corner. BELLY TO BELLY OF DOOM only gets a two. Test goes for the MELT...excuse me Pumple Handle Slam, but Steiner somehow gets out. Then Steiner hits Test with possibly the ugliest double underhook powerbomb I've ever seen. The cover only gets a two. JR actually makes me laugh by saying."The Irony in this is Steiner can out mat wrestle Test." Anyone else find that funny? Test tries an illegal pin, but Stacy breaks it up. Stacy then Guillotines Test, and he then walks into Steiner's Complete Shot. But once again, Steiner gets two. Pumple handle Slam by Test. Stacy getst up and starts showing her ass. School boy by Steiner gets a two. Test comes out the ring and chases Stacy. Stacy runs into the ring, and then into Steiner making her look even stupider but she falls. Test stands there, and hits Steiner with a big boot but only gets two. Test goes to take off the turnbuckle pad and make it EXPOSED~! Test then gets a chair, Stacy grabs it from him and she then hits Steiner. Then Test nails Steiner with the big boot for the win. So Steiner's such a man he can loose to Stacy Keibler. As a match, itself sucked but it certainly isn't the worst thing I've ever seen. 1/4*

WWE Home Video is hyping Trish's new DVD.
JR and the King can ONLY guess what it means to be Test's property. So then randomly start hyping HBK vs Orton.

Video Package:
Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels. Highlighing their entire feud. It makes it look more intresting then it was really. I mean seriously, how much was this feud built? Barely at all?

Randy Orton w/ Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels
Michaels grabs him with a waistlock slam and they roll around the mat. HBK seemed to have been going for Hall's twirl around bitch slap to the head, but it looked sloppy. Orton goes to his corner to talk to the Natch. HBK starts struting like Flair and Flair is ANGRY! Arm wringer by Michaels, then a leg sweep, then a cover, and then an arm whip, and then a sideheadlock, and then some head scissors exchange. Alright, I've had enough of that. Picture ECW Jerry Lynn/RVD exchange #3. You'll know what I'm talking about. Back to the match, Flair gives Orton a HIGHFIVE and WHOOS! Orton locks on a side headlock, but HBK counters out of it and hits Orton with a shoulder block. Orton attempts a leap frog but HBK stands there and punches him. HBK thinks he's thrown Orton over the top rope, but He flips back in and hits Michaels with a dropkick. Now that was freaken sweet. Orton then stomps on Michaels. Body Slam by Orton. Orton goes to the top in an attempt of a double axe handle, but is caught into an inverted atomic drop. Michaels hits Orton with a series of clotheslines which takes him over the top rope. HBK flips back into the ring. Michaels then makes an insane move and hits a plancha. Michaels attempts to suplex Orton back into the ring, Orton counters however, Orton's waistlock is countered with a German suplex which only gets two.Sunset flip by HBK only gets two. Orton and Michaels then trade blows in the corner.HBK ends up diving shoulder first into the steal post. Flair then tosses im right back into the post. Orton then comes outside and throws HBK's shoulder right into the post after that he rolls back in the ring. HBK makes it back on the ring appron, and Orton continues the assault on the arm. Orton hits the shoulder thrust on HBK. Orton locks on an armbar variation. HBK comes back and trades blows with Orton. Orton then hits a single arm DDT on Michaels but only getsa two count. Orton locks on a strange variation of the cross arm breaker, however Michaels tries escaping. Flair going insane on the outside is classic. Claps from the fans star, and Michael's STILL can't escape. HBK finally escapes and punches the hell out of Orton. Then nails a small package but only gets two. Orton starts punching HBK, attempts a front dropkick, but HBK just stands their allowing Orton to miss. Orton and Michaels exchage chops. Orton then gets nailed with the Flying forearm shot. HBK KIPS UP~! Then an inverted atomic drop on Orton and THEN a big back body drop~! Orton is tossed to the outside. HBK pumples orton on the floor. HBK whips Orton right into the baricade. Flair looks evil. Both go back into the ring. Michaels hits an axe handle off the top and then covers but only gets a two count. HBK attempts a Flair flip but it doesn't work. Orton crawls to the top but gets a big boot to the face on his way down. Micahels warms up the band ATTEMPS SWEET CHIN MUSIC BUT IS SPUN AROUND INTO THE RKO! YEAH!! Orton covers but only gets two. Flair's going insane on the outside. Orton goes up to the top rope, and he misses his crossbody. Flair tries to stop HBK from going up top but gets smacked. Michaels hits his diving elbow but rolls away from Orton. The cover only gest two. Michaels kips up ONCE again and starts dancing a bit. He starts warming up the band as the crowd claps along with him. Sweet Chin Music, ONE.....TWO......THREE. Michaels wins! Wait a minute...Orton's foot is on the rope due to Flair putting it there. Flair hands Orton the brass knucks! Flair comes into the ring but is met with a Superkick of HBK. Orton nails HBK with the knucks and picks up the win. Intresting match I must say. ***

Apparently the former tag champs and Conway are healing. Jericho gives them a pep talk about Austin being a drunk with power and they needed someone to stand up to Austin and Jericho's the man for it.

We're given a Insurrextion PPV hype, which makes no sense to me. Considering after this show we have different champions then from when Insurrextion was filmed, but what the hell do I know?

Gail Kim & Molly Holly vs Lita & Trish Stratus
Whenever Molly comes out I always notice that JR makes it apparent to say she was a powerlifer in high school like its an attempt for people to be less attracted to her or something. Lita comes out spazzing out like Jeff Hardy. The heels jump Lita and Trish. Trish and Lita then hit a double team on Gail and Molly. Pair of baseball slides on Gaild and Molly. Series of arm drags on Kim. Kim gets nailed with a suplex by Lita. Lita think she's cool and kips up after it She then tags to Trish. Trish jumps off the top and hits this weird ass drop and starts punching the hell out of Kim. She then chops the holy heck-la out Kim, and then hits her with a flying lariat. She covers but only gets two. Kim goes to the corner to beg for a tag, but gets school girled for a two. Trish then ducks under a clothesline by Kim, and then connects wtih the chick kick. Pin attempt is broken by Molly. Molly then pulls the ropes and Trish falls out of the ring. Dobule teaming occurs on Trish, and then they throw her back in the ring. Molly comes in and locks in on a variation of the dragon sleeper. She tags out to Kim. Kim then mimics Molly and keeps on the dragon sleeper. Trish then counters by fliping herself into the turnbuckle which looked really nice. Trish looks for the tag, but Molly decks Lita from behind, and she slowly jogs to her corner. Kim stomps a mud hole into Trish then tags to Molly. Molly holds on a front face lok and Trish gets a tag, however the ref didn't see. Boston Crab/Camel clutch combo on Trish, then a pin by Molly only gets two. Backbreaker by Molly only for two. Tag back out to trishand they attempt a double backdrop but she counters with an odd double head scissor and side headlock take down. Kim gets back up and nails her with a lariat for good measure. Kim nails a BOOOOOODY SLAM AND THEN GOES TO THE TOP and misses the guillotine leg drop! Trish and Gail both make the tags. Lita comes in and cleans house on both Molly and Kim. Lita hits a head scissors on Molly, Kim comes in but bceomes victem of a powerbomb. Molly decks Lita's neck and then gets gets the Stratus Handstand Rana from Trish. Lita hits possibly the most bizzar move ever when she sets up Molly for a reverse ddt, but does the "huuu" twist of fate thing, but then spins around to a shoulder neckbreaker. Lita goes up to the top, hits a moonsault and picks up the win. ** I maybe one of the few fans of the women's division. Lita's improved greatly from her injury.

Recap of the Match, as the winners celebrate afterwards. Then "Enemy" by Sevendust is hyped. Who really knows why.

Recap of Kane unmasking and Austin making him a MONSTER~! We're shown Kane's evil wraith two, and then they show Shane bitching and stuff. Kane frying Shane's testicles = best part of this feud.

Last Man Standing Match
Shane McMahon vs Kane
Lilian tells us the rules before hand. Isn't that sweet of her? Anyway, I'm not her and I refuse to tell you. If you don't like that, go eat some pudding and some cheese cake. Mmm Cheese cake, oh yeah there's a match going on. Kane walks to the ring only to be jumped by Shane who beats the hell out of Kane with a chair. You know, Tommy Dreamer and RVD couldn't take out Kane, but the son of Vince can. Shane is chased by Kane and then hits him with several chairshots to the head. Kane ends up being down for four before doing the sit up no sell. Shane being the punk he is, decks Kane after getting up. Kane is down for five before getting back up. And in a really sweet move, Shane loosk like he's going to swing for Kane's head. Kane goes for a block but Shane then connects with his knees.Shane then beats the hell out of Kane's knees with the chair, and even tosses it right into the ring post. Chop block by Shane McMahon as Kane rolls out the ring. Shane then hits another chop block and then slams Kane's head into the steel steps several times. Shane hits jabs, but Kane shoves him off into the crowd. Shane goes on top the security ramp, jumps but Kane catches him and slams him to the floor. At this point, Kane's back somehow is busted open. That's a bit strange looking, its like something straight out of WWF Attitude for Playstation. Kane continues beating the hell out of Shane and then throws him right into the steps. Kane breaks the steps in half and then smacks Shane right in the head with it. Shane's down for the eight count before he gest up. Kane tosses him right back into the ring. Kane hits him with a series of stomps. As Shane attempts to get up, Kane picks him off and connects with a chokeslam but Shane gets up after 7. Kane ends up big boots the ref. He picks up Shane once again, and then connects with a....well....nothing. Kane tosses him down and starts talking to him. Kane brings in the stairs from the outside. Kane attempts a tombstone onto the steps, but its countered by Shane with a face crusher onto the steps which misses entirely. Baseball slide by Shane and then he throws the steps on Kane. Shane props the steps onto Kane, then hits him with a VanTerminator which doesn't even look that amazing. All three men, the ref, Shane and Kane are out. Around a minute or five later.....or it seems that long anyway, Shane crawls his way to Kane. Kane pushes the steps and they fall on Shane. Charles Robinson gets in the ring and starts the count, everyone gets back to their feet at the count of 8. Kane tosses Shane over the top and the men brawl down the run way. After they make there way to the Unforigven set. Kane tosses him face forward into it and JR makes a pun "That set is very unforgiving!". HAHAHA GET IT THERE AT UNFORGIVE!? Anyway, Shane gets thrown into it once again, Kane picks him up and does it for a third time, and then a fourth.....and yeah Shane gets up at the....well I wasn't paying attention but Kane nailed him with a right hand. Anyway, they make it to a part of the arena right near the annoucer table and Shane gets tossed like a lawn dart right into it. Kane then goes up and tosses the annoucer table on Shane and he chuckles a bit. Shane being the cleaver guy he is, moved out of the way and sneaks behind Kane and starts beating him with a peice of metal. In possibly the coolest spot in one of these matches, he takes the camera that spins around the arena and swings it right into Kane. Kane however gets up after the count of 9. Shane starts choking Kane with the electrical cord, and drags Kane to where the spanish annouce table was. Shane connects with a punch, dances a little bit, Kane goes for a chokeslam but Shane counters with a DDT. Shane grabs the little monitor and smashes Kane's head with it. Shane climbs the set as, but then being the stupid bump taker he is, he jumps off the set, and MISSES~! Hahahaha, that was awesome. Kane then pops back up and the match is over as Shane is counted down for the ten. Hm, I don't know what to give this, parts of it I liked and parts I didn't. I think the bump wasn't needed tho. *3/4

After the match, we're shown the footage of the bump and then Shane being taken out on a stretcher. Else where, Jericho comes lays it on Austin for allowing Kane to be a monster. Great stuff, because Jericho's laying it on Austin on how it is around there.He talks about playing Mind games with Austin, and it was very nice stuff.

JR and Lawler put over the Kane/McMahon Unforgiven match and I still don't care about that bump. They say it will never be forgotten, but then again it more then likely won't be due to the WWE showning it a million times in a "Don't try this at home" video. They talk about Jericho making Austin crack. Oh yeah, they put over Wrestlemania XX.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Christian (c) vs Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho
First man to score a pin fall or submission wins the IC Title tonight, so it's not elimination for you slow people. Jericho and Christian both stomp and then chop the hell out of Van Dam. They irish whip him, he backflips out of it then dropkicks both of the Canadians. RVD then kicks the crap out of Jericho and backdrops Christian out of the ring. RVD then suplexes Jericho to the outside of the ring. RVD goes up top and connects with a moonsault to the outside on Jericho and Christian. RVD and Christian back into the ring, and RVD nails him with a monkey flip. He covers but only gets two. Forarm shot by RVD, Christian counters the irish whip, but is caught with a kick. Jericho pops back into the ring and nails a cross body on RVD for two. Jericho looked like he was going for a school boy, however RVD escaped and connects wtih a moonsault pin of his own but only gets two. RVD goes to the top and hits his pump kick, then goes for Rolling Thunder on Jericho however Christian pulls RVD out of the ring and tosses him into the steps. Jericho rolls out and tosses RVD back into the ring. Jericho only gets two. Christian and Jericho continue to assault on RVD. The Canadians hit him with a double back elbow. RVD ends up being held by Christian and Jericho connects with some punches on RVD. More double team on RVD continues. RVD comes back, and hits a lariat on Christian, then a wheel kick on Jericho. He then hits his spinkick on Christian. Jericho ducks under a kick, and hits an enzugiri then covers but only gets two. More double teaming, meh.... this is dull. RVD counters a double flapjack with a DDT. JR points out that RVD just possibly recieved the slowest two count in the world. But it doesn't bother me any. RVD ducks under Jericho's clothesline but then gets hit in the face. Jericho ends up irish whipping RVD over the top and RVD nails Christian with a summersault plancha. Jericho hits a springboard dropkick on RVD to get him out of the ring. Jericho starts choking RVD and such then hits a snapmare right into the reverse chinlock. Meanwhile, outside the ring Christian is dead. RVD gets out of it and then hits a school boy but only for a two count. Jericho decks him with a clothesline. Jericho then hits the most devestating move in sports entertainment......the MOTHER FUCKING COCKY PIN! Sadly, Jericho only gets two. Jericho then goes for a clothesline, RVD rolls under it, goes for a hurricanrana and THEN that's countered into the Walls of Jericho. See, that's the kind of shit I've been waiting for this ENTIRE DAMN MATCH! RVD almost makes it to the ropes, but Jericho pulls him back. But Christian saves the day and breaks up the Walls of Jericho. He then covers RVD, but Jericho pulls Christian off. Christian then gets pumpled by Jericho, and then they switch places. Jericho and Christian brawl on the outside of the ring. Jericho then throws Christian right into the steal steps. They both return to the ring, Jericho goes to the top and hits Christian with a flying reverse elbow. He covers and gets a two count. Jericho goes for a clothesline, its ducked under by Christian and he nails Jericho with an eye poke and THEN a falling reverse DDT. Christian props his feet on the ropes and makes a pin, however the ref sees and doesn't count. Jericho then nocks RVD off the apron which then messes up Christian on the top rope. Jericho then delievers a superplex on Christian. RVD gets back into the ring and covers Christian but only gets two. Jericho goes after RVD but is nailed with a high crossbody but once again gets two. Jericho hits a facecrusher on Van Dam and then misses the lionsault but he lands on his feet, and Jericho then walks RIGHT into the spin kick by RVD. RVD hits a variation of the rolling thunder. Christian goes to the top, and connects with an Elbow drop. RVD covers but Jericho some how kicks out at two. Christian hammers at Van Dam, but he then drop toe holds Christian right into Jericho. RVD goes to the top and hits the Five Star Frog Splash on BOTH Jericho and Christian. He makes the cover but only gets two. Christian gets him, but RVD tosses him back out the ring. Jericho and RVD then falls victem of an Electric Chair/Powerbomb combination from the top rope.Christian covers Jericho but he gets his foot on the bottom rope. Christian begins attacking RVD, RVD counters with a spin wheel kick. Christian comes in in an attempt to deck RVD with the IC title belt, RVD catipuls Christian right into Jericho, and then hits a school boy for two. RVD then comes to the top and goes for the Five Star Frog Spalsh, however Christian had the belt up and he rolls up RVD for the win. Well, this match was really a disapointment. This could of been the best match of the night, however the first half of it was extremely dull. **

Triple H talks about Goldberg's career being a fable. And that he believes in himself, that's pretty funny.....and he calls himself the greatest wrestler alive today. He loves his World Heavyweight Championship too. Triple H doesn't believe in the hype blah blah blah.....

JR and The King talk about the Goldberg/HHH match, but first......the REAL Main Event with Coach & Al Snow vs Lawler and Jim Ross. Video Cap of this really insanely stupid feud, on the plus side Coach is more entertaining then the Stacy/Steiner/Test feud.

Winners Annouce WWE Raw
Al Snow & Coach vs Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
Coach and Snow come out to some heel heat, but not much at all. King asks who's going to do the comentary and then we learn it won't have ANY. One of the many things that annoyes me about this match is Lawler and Ross have seperate intros however Snow and Coach didn't. Snow and King start off and trade a somewhat nice looking series of moves. King hits Snow down with a shoulder block and such. Snow decks King right in the face. Actually, I'm not going to finish calling this match, you can trust me it was bad. Jericho ends up screwing Lawer and Ross to continue the mind games with Austin. The worst part of the entire thing was that it was almost given ten minutes. DUD

Jericho is interviewed saying that he didn't win the IC title tonight, however he still is the big winner in cracking Austin's head by costing his Oklahoma buddy his job. Ross is shown crying in the ring, awww.

Recap of the Elimination Chamber where Triple H retains, which then leads into a whole package of the Goldberg/Triple H feud. Oh, afterwards JR is all saying he's sorry to the king. In a coo note, I notice Lawler has what seems to be PACMAN on his wrist bands. Making one of the few recent times I've marked out for Jerry Lawler. Oh yeah, they have one match left to call with Goldberg vs Triple H. With this speech, it makes me believe JR and King will seriously be gone.....but that didn't happen.

Career vs World Heavyweight Championship Match
Bill Goldberg vs Triple H (c)
I may be one of the few Goldberg fans on the net, but so be it. Before the match, Earl runs down the rules and feels down both men. I love the belt design for the World Heavyweight title. It's my favorite title. Anyway, big stare down between the two men. Huge Goldberg chant starts, and JR talks about fans still being on the outside. They lock up, and then break. Once again they lock up and Triple H gets shoved into the corner. Goldberg has to break it. Triple H starts punching Goldberg. Goldberg hits an Irish whip and then a press slam on Triple H. Goldberg flexes at bit. Triple H rolls out the ring. He then rolls in and back out of the ring to restart the count. Triple H gets back into the ring and hits Goldberg with an Arm ringer. Triple H makes a mistake in going for a vertical suplex but Goldberg counters with a neckbreaker. Goldberg and Triple H trade punches between each other. Triple H gets whiped into the corner, bounces out of it and Goldberg connects with a shoulder toss. Triple H tosses, Goldberg outside. He gets back in and hits Triple H with a lariat.Goldberg hits HHH with a double underhook suplex. Goldberg sets up for the spear, however HHH counters in the coolest way ever with his high-knee. He then clotheslines Goldberg outside the ring. Goldberg tries getting back into the ring but is leveled with a double axe handle. Triple H pins but only gets two. So Triple H mounts him and starts punching him. The two trade punches a bit with Goldberg gaining the uperhand. Until Triple H kicks him in the midsection, rolls ou the ring and throws Goldbergs knee right into the ring post. Triple H returns to the ring and then clips Goldberg's knee. He hits another chop block and then the figure four. Triple H makes it to the ropes to give him more of a pull. Goldberg reverses, but HHH breaks it. HHH then elbows Goldberg head. HHH then hits the Knee drop twice. Okay, more like once and the second time Goldberg catchs his knee and gets up while holding it and then kicks Triple H. Goldber then hits a series of clotheslines followed by a tiltawhirl slam. Triple H gets thrown outside ring and Goldberg goes after him. Goldberg rolls back into the ring. Goldberg starts to hit some headbutts, and then armwhips Triple H back into the ring. Triple H shoves Goldberg into the ref, then hits a low blow and then a DDT on Goldberg. Goldberg counters the Pedigree with a backdrop to the outside of the ring right to the floor. Triple H goes for the sledgehammer, and nails Goldberg's jaw with it. Triple H attempts swining once again but is caught with a spear! Goldberg kicks out the sledgehammer and then hits a Jackhammer for the one...two...three. New World Heavyweight Champion as the crowd goes insane. Maybe its just me, but I seriously thought this match was fun. Certainly not the BEST main event, but from what Goldberg's capiable of it was good especially since Triple H hasn't been well great lately. **

Final Note:
Overall this show was average, but nothing too remember. Only thing I'd really recomend seeing is Goldberg/HHH and even then that isn't worth it to save this show. Spend your money on something worthwhile instead of watching this show.