To steal an some lines from my WWE RAW for PC review The World Wrestling Feder...excuse me, Entertainment owner Vince McMahon started his idea for Monday Night RAW back on January 11, 1993. Who could ever forget the show that was main evented by The Undertaker Vs Damian Demento, with the ''great'' undercard of Shawn Micheals facing Max Moon, The Steiner Brothers Vs The Executioners? On with the review!

Opening video: Bobby The Brain and Sean Mooney fight outside about getting inside of RAW. Mooney says that Bobby can't get in due to RAW being sold out
here tonight in NEW YORK CITY~!. Then the Monday Night RAW credits play.

Our Hosts: "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Vince McMahon, and sadly Rob Bartlett

Vince informs us that the Steiner Brothers will be in action, and that Razor Ramon has an interview tonight.Bartlett tries to be funny and talk about Yokozuna having
a match tonight, Macho says Undertaker has a match here tonight, and on with the action!

Koko B. Ware vs. Yokozuna
At this time, Yokozuna is undefeated in the WWF. Yoko's intro is complete with Geisha girls and presenting
of the flowers at the show. Oh yeah, he does his traditional salt throwing before the match too. You know, I'm
not really looking forward to this. Yoko does the tradition sumo leg stretches before they lock up. Now this is
uncalled for Bartlett thinks a bra joke for Yokozuna is funny. Guh they still haven't locked up yet. Ah finally they do,
damnit Yoko just shrugged Koko off. Koko tries to get the fans to start clapping and it works. Yoko just shows him
off again. Koko gets back up and attempts to nail Yokozuna with a flying shoulder block. Yokozuna just stands there
as Koko falls right on his back. Koko goes for it AGAIN but the same thing happens. Koko then figures out Yokozuna as
he hits a series of dropkicks that affect Yokozuna. He then hits the ropes, but Yokozuna just throws him throat first right
into them. Yokozuna hits the ropes, and drops a huge Leg drop. Obvious chokehold by Yokozuna who throws Koko into
the corner. Yokozuna then runs across the ring and hits a hip attack on him. Koko then gets smacked with a punch and falls
to the ground. Yoko goes to the middle rope and hits the Banzai Drop for the win. Yeah um, I don't think this was too bad
considering who was involved but it wasn't great either. Maybe 1/2*?

Royal Rumble 93 video package! Some comericals happen, but it doesn't lead to anywhere because they're
editedd out on what I'm watching it on.

Apparently RAW has a ring girl with extremely ugly frizzy 80s style hair. Bobby The Brain hypes Lex Lugar in something
that makes him better then he seems. Too bad that isn't true. Back to the ring~!

The Steiner Brothers vs. The Executioners
You know somethings wrong watching Rick and Scott coming out to anything but "Steinerized". As awful of a theme that
may have been it just fits them perfectly. Oh the Executioners are dressed exactly alike and don't have names either,
so I'll just call them One and Two. Scott Steiner and One start off the match. Remember when Scott looked human?
Oh look who's in the crowd, it's Doink The Clown. Steiner takes One down with a back elbow, then whips him into
the ropes and connects wtih a tilt-awhirl-slam. He drops an elbow drop, picks him up hits a snap mare, and hten tags
out to Rick. However, instead of showing the match, the cameras show Doink the Clown in the crowd watching with
the fans. Rick knocks down One with a punch. Ooh The Executioner goes for a move but Rick just shrugs him of and
stomps on him. Rick connects with a clothesline on him. Then he picks him up and nails Snake Eyes.One rolls out the ring
Scott then tosses them into each other head first and throws in one of them. Rick then connects wtih a powerslam on the
Executioner. He tags out to Scott. Scott delievers an over the head Belly To Belly. Then throws the Excutioner into
his corner and he tags out. Scott then pumples on the poor guy in the ring and connects wtih a double Underhook Powerbomb.
They then connect with the Steiner Bulldog for the win. You know, I'll be the first to admit I love a good squash match now and then.
This was one of them especially since the Steiners didn't suck back then. 3/4*

Meanwhile outside, Bobby The Brain still tries to get back into RAW by being dressed in drag and saying he's Rob
Bartlett's aunt. You know, I'd hate to say this but I'm pretty damn sure even Barlett's aunt wouldn't even admit to that.
Up next a special interview with Razor Ramon.

Interview with Razor Ramon
Vince McMahon states that it's Bret Hart vs Razor Ramon for the World Wrestling Federation championship at
the Royal Rumble. Razor doesn't care that it took Hart 8 years to climb to the ladder to get where he is. Razor says
he's gained there in 8 1/2 months. They clip to Razor injuring Owen Hart from Saturday Morning. Razor says there was
nothing Bret could do about it. He states that Bret can't do anything about Razor taking the WWF Title at the Rumble.
I've always been a Scott Hall fan, I wish he did win the WWF title.

They rundown Headlock for Hunger.

Promo Video with Tatanka
Um, some confusing Indian talking with him hyping Headlock for Hunger. It ends and goes no where after he
does his little Indian chanting. Extremely pointless segement just used to waste time.

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Shawn Michaels (c)_vs. Max Moon
Max Moon is still one of the coolest damn looking wrestlers ever. However, he more looks like something out of
AAA then the World Wrestling Federation. But maybe that's what they were going for? Nice armdrag to start off things
from HBK. HBK locks in a side headlock into an wrist lock countered by Moon into a wrist lock of his own. HBK escapes
hits the ropes, Moon ducks unde HBK, then he goes for a leap frog. He attempts another one but Michaels just stop.
HBK goes for a kick to the midsection, Moon catches it, spins him around in an attempt for a backdrop. It doesn't work
and HBK lands on his feet. Some more running and leap frogging occurs leading to Moon connecting with a arm drag.
Moon connects with another arm drag and then a body slam. HBK sits in the corner and tries to figure out things.
This match is really quck. Moon ends up nailing a face crusher which then is connected to a hammer lock . Pin fall attempt
but it only gets two. Really nice move. Match goes to a commerical sadly, but we're back because commericals are
cut out for me. Both men are in the corner, However HBK goes for a forarm but misses. HBK drops Moon throat first
across the top rope. Michaels just stomps on Moon. Michaels throws Moon into the ropes and connects with a dropkick.
Instead of freaken showing the match once again, we cut to Doink. Ah there we go, back to the match. Moon hits a
school boy but only gets two. HBK connects with a punch and Doink is shown laughing. Michaels connects with some
more punches. Then whips Moon into the turnbuckle who falls down. Michaels poses a bit and says "This face has broken
so many homes." Michaels goes for a body slam but Moon counters into a small package. He only gets two. Micahels hits
a back elbow goes for the cover but only gets two. He locks in a chin lock on Moon and Moon escapes by using
some elbows. Michaels attempts a dropkick however Moon catches him and slingshots him over the top rope. Moon jumps
off the ring appron and hits whateveri ts called, because I have no idea. He throws Michaels back into the ring and connects
with a hip attack. Moon then hits a rolling Samoan Drop (like Fit Finally) into a bridged pin but only gets two. The move
was really nice looking. He goes fora body slam and then rolling leg drop but misses. HBK connects with the Superkick
but then goes for the Tear Drop Suplex, Moon escapes goes for a clothesline but Michaels ducks under it and hits the
Tear Drop Suplex for the win. Wow, I didn't expect much of this match but I was wrong **1/2.

Clips to hype the WWF Mania TV show on Saturday Mornings. Oh yes, still to come tonight Damian Demento vs. Undertaker. Back
outside, Bobby The Brain still tries to get back into RAW by being Bartlett's uncle this time. Once again why would anyone
claim to be related to that slob.

We're back in the arena and they show that ugly ring girl agian and then the comentary team. Kamala then sees the light
thanks to Rev. Slick as Vince says and we're shown clips from WWF Superstars where Kim Chee and Harvy start
yelling at Kamala and Slick comes out. The clips lead to no where because Vince says one thing about it and then the it's

Damian Demento vs. The Undertaker
You know I'm hoping that this match isn't that awful. I'm also hoping that they keep it extremley short. But with my luck
it'll go forever and be horrible or well at least seem that way. My other question is, how can anyway shape or form
this top the IC title match? Big staredown to start things off. Demento starts punching the hell out of the Undertaker, throws
him into the ropes. Undertaker doesn't like that very much, he just stops and slams Demento's head face first into the
mat. Undertaker throws Demento right into the turnbuckle and then hits an arm wrinnger. Undertaker goes up top and
delievers his rope walk. He throws Demento back into the turnbuckle and starts choking him. Tosses Demento into another
corner but this time Demento gets up the big boot as Undertaker runs his way. Demento goes up top and hits a double axe
handle. Running shoulder block by Demento takes down the Undertaker but he does his zombie no sell. Taker ducks
the clothesline and connects with a flying clothesline of his own. Undertaker connects with the Tombstone Piledriver for the
win. Proved me wrong again once again, wasn't awful but wasn't great. Just basical power vs power and that's all
it could of been. 1/2*

Vince runs down the card for next weeks Monday Night RAW. Where Mr. Perfect will take on Papa Shango,
Ric Flair tales on El Matador and Mia Farrow vs Woody Allen in a Steel Cage. How'd they pass on that one?
Damn, you KNOW thats a five star match of the year in and of itself.

Interview with Doink The Clown
Doink doesn't care about making children cry even when Crush warned him. Crush lays down the law on Doink saying
he's going to whip his ass basically if Doik pulls anymore practical jokes that only he's laughing at. Doink runs away from
Crush as the show ends.

Meanwhile back outside finally, as RAW is over Bobby The Brain can finally go inside the arena.

Overview: Was this a great way to start off Monday Night RAW in my eyes? No, not at all. But it wasn't a horrible show by any means. I don't recommend
this tape only due to the fact that it's nothing special of a show. However, if you do want to see how RAW has changed over the years pick up a copy. it's a watchable
show but don't expect anything great.